Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning

Restore your hardwood floors with a dustless, odorless process that’s complete in one day.

Hardwood floors are quickly becoming standard in most homes. With today’s busy lifestyles it’s hard to keep those floors looking like new. Everyday wear and tear can take its toll on the finish of your hardwood floors. Foot traffic and gritty dirt can cause scuff marks and micro scratches that dull the surface of the floor.

Master Kleen can easily bring the brilliance back to your floors through our hardwood floor cleaning and renewal process. Using our unique system, we deep clean your floor and then apply a preservation finish that will not only protect your floor, but leave it looking like new again. Your floors will be renewed and ready for use in a matter of hours. No messy sanding; or the inconvenience that goes along with it, and all at a fraction of the cost of refinishing.

Remember, our job is to bring the brilliance back to your hardwood floors, not create a headache for our customers. Contact us today to discuss the hassle free, affordable way to bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Care Tips:

Use dirt trapping mats at all exterior doors.
Direct sunlight can cause fading of wood and wood stains. Drape or shade large windows to avoid direct sunlight on the wood.
Apply glides or felt pads to the legs of your furniture.
Vacuum or dust your wood floor as often as you vacuum your carpet.
Wipe up spills immediately. Be sure never to leave standing moisture on your floors.
Avoid cleaning your floors with soaps and oils. They can build up and create problems. Always use cleaners that are specifically formulated for hardwood floors.