Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Does your tile or grout look dingy, dirty or just plain gross? Are you considering replacing your floors because they look worn out?

Don’t spend thousands to replace the tiled surfaces in your home or business without giving us a call first. With our expert tile and grout cleaning process, we can have your floors looking new again at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. 

Tile and grout is easily stained from kitchen spills, soap scum and hard water in our bathrooms, pet messes, and heavy foot traffic. We have many customers who have tried to scrub their tile and grout themselves; only to find that they have damaged their grout, or were unable to remove the stubborn stains from the surface of the tile. Master Kleen can safely restore your floor to its former glory without hours of frustration.

Our Tile and Grout cleaning process:

Thoroughly examine the tile and grout to be cleaned with the customer, while inspecting the floor for any areas of concern or damage.
We protect and or cover any flooring, walls, trim, or kitchen cabinets that may become exposed to our equipment or cleaning agents.
Apply a specially formulated, non-toxic pre-treatment to your floor which will start to loosen ground in soils.
Target any problem areas or stains with specific spotting agents.
Agitate the grout lines and surface of the tile with specialized equipment to help loosen embedded grime.
We then use specialized tools to high pressure steam clean your floor. 250 degree water sanitizes and blasts away years of buildup.
Our equipment whisks away years of dirt and debris to our truck mounted unit. No messes are ever left behind for our customers.
Drying equipment allows your floors to be ready for use in just a few moments.
Now that your floor looks like a million bucks, we seal the grout. This simple step seals in the beauty and minimizes future staining.

Remember that over time, dirt builds up on the surface of your tile and imbeds itself deep into the grout. Proper care and maintenance from a professional like Master Kleen can keep your floor looking brand new for years to come. No more scrubbing grout with a tooth brush!