Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

You wouldn’t wait two years to change the sheets on your bed, so don’t wait that long to have your upholstery professionally cleaned.

The same dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria that winds up in your bed also accumulates on your furnishings. Remember that upholstery is a fiber, and just like your sheets and clothing it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Most manufacturers recommend that your upholstered furnishings be cleaned at least every 12 to 24 months. Proper cleaning can provide a multitude of benefits. 

Benefits of Cleaning Your Furniture include:

Keeping your furniture beautiful for years to come. Regular cleaning can remove old stains, and keep fabrics bright and looking like new.
Your furniture will last longer. We can remove ground in soils that damage the fibers and make your upholstery look worn out.
Helping your home stay healthier. Professional cleaning removes all of the dirt, bacteria, and pet dander that vacuuming leaves behind.
Protecting your furniture from future stains and spills. After a thorough cleaning, we will be happy to apply SCOTCHGARD™ fabric protectant to prolong the life of your investment.

Master Kleen can get the upholstered surfaces in your home and place of business looking great again. We have years of experience cleaning a multitude of fabrics, and as always, our process is always safe for kids and pets.