Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A dryer is an essential appliance to have in our home. However, for one to ensure top notch service from the dryer, it is essential to ensure that you maintain its proper working conditions.

Dryers have a lint trap in them. Unfortunately, this lint trap may not capture the whole amount of lint the dryer produces. Some of it gets into the duct together with the waste gases and moist. After using your dryer for some time, you can be sure there will be an accumulation of lint in the vents and ducts.

Regular inspection of the dryer will ensure that it is in good working condition. One way of ensuring that the dryer is working correctly and efficiently is by conducting routine cleaning of the dryer vent. The lint, if not removed, may lead to reduced effectiveness and efficiency of the dryer, and can also lead to a lint fire. 

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is Important

There are several important reasons for cleaning the vents of your dryer.

Improve Durability

Accumulating of lint will cause the dryer to stop working. It will take more time to dry your clothes hence overworking the dryer. When the dryer strains too much and runs for extended periods than necessary, there will be an increase in the rate at which it wears off.


Accumulation of lint poses a danger to all people in your house. Too much lint will block the ducts and vents. In case there is a blockage in the vent, the dryer will start overheating and may lead to a fire breakout. Lint is flammable, and it also poses a fire hazard in the house.

Blocked vents will also prevent the gases from being emitted by the dryer from doing outside the house. These gases, such as the carbon monoxide gas, will accumulate within the dryer and may leak into your laundry room and the whole house. Such gases are a threat to the health of the people using or living in affected buildings.

If the dryer is not emitting the waste gases properly, it might release a mixture of those gases and moisture into the house. Humidity in the house will create a perfect environment for mold and other bacteria to grow. Such bacteria pose health hazards to people in the house.

Energy Efficiency

Blocked vents will lead to an increase in electric energy consumption. Your dryer will need to work harder than necessary and run longer. A dryer with clean ducts will always be efficient when being used. There will be no need for extra time when you are drying your clothes, which will save on the use of electricity. Therefore, a properly working dryer means no paying extra on electric bills.

For you to have increased durability, safety, and energy efficiency with your dryer, it is essential to have and maintain a proper dryer vent cleaning schedule. It is advisable to have the dryer duct cleaned at least in a year. In case your dryer is used daily or more frequently, there is a need to clean the ducts and vents more regularly.

Tips on Dryer Vent Cleaning

Empty The Lint Trap

The first thing one can do to ensure that the dryer vent stays clean is to empty the contents of the lint trap after using the dryer. Cleaning the trap will ensure that there is no lint clogging it. It will also minimize the amount of lint getting into the vent. The lint trap vent should also be clean, both inside and outside. One should use a brush and gently scrub the lint off the lint trap vent and then vacuum it.

Call Us to do a Professional Cleaning

It is also essential to ensure that the vent cleaning work meets the necessary standards. Therefore, it is crucial to have certified air ducts and vents cleaning company, like us at Master Kleen, with trained professionals doing the job. We have more knowledge of all the tools necessary for cleaning the vents and ducts.
Air vents and duct cleaning companies have tools that are capable of cleaning even the parts of the vents that are difficult to reach with a hand-held brush. Since some of the dryers have longer vents that may have bends in some regions, it will be challenging to clean them yourself. However, a professional with the right tools will do a good job and ensure that it is worth paying for their services.

This will keep you all safe.