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Also serving Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties, Based in Jeannette, PA

What’s your air filtration system missing?

Don’t get left in the dust by a dishonest air duct cleaner. Be sure to hire a professional, reputable company like Master Kleen to get the job done right. 

Many consumers are intimidated by having the duct work in their home or business cleaned. They don’t know who to choose, who will give them a fair price, and who will actually do the job correctly. We often see coupons to have your entire duct system cleaned for an unbelievably cheap price; only to find that when the bill comes there our numerous additions or up charges. The other scary thing we often see are investigative reports on television showing companies that show up, charge you, and don’t do any work to your system at all!

At Master Kleen, we understand that choosing an air duct cleaner can be a dirty job. That’s why we strive to take the hassle out of process. When we come to your home, we will be happy to show you exactly what will be doing to your duct system. We don’t even mind when you watch us work. 

Our Step by Step Process:

A thorough evaluation and inspection of your heating and air duct system. We put a camera into your duct work and show you exactly what needs to be done.
We provide you with a solid written estimate. There are no surprises or gimmicks when we give you a price!
Nobody starts working until your floors, walls, and furnishings are moved or protected. Shoe covers are worn at all times.
Next we set up our industrial strength duct cleaning trucks which are the most powerful available in the duct cleaning industry.
We then remove every single register cover in your home or business. We sanitize and clean them all by hand.
Our 8 inch vacuum hoses are then attached to the supply and return side of your system. During cleaning, all dirt and dust is pulled directly into our industrial strength vacuum truck that is waiting outside.
Now it’s time to scrub your system! Using large volumes of compressed air, our equipment will blast away and remove years of dust, dirt, and pet hair.
Each and every supply line and return line is cleaned. We then clean out the main runs, usually located in the basement of your home or business.
Next, we thoroughly clean and air wash all the parts of your furnace that air passes through. Those include, the blower fan, your filter box, you’re A/C coil, and your cabinet interior.
Once we are through with the dirty work, we then re-inspect your ducts with our camera to be sure the cleaning is thorough and complete.
After we’re sure that you’re satisfied with the results, we treat the interior of your system with a microban disinfectant spray to fully sanitize your system.
Lastly, any access holes that had to be made in your system will be fully repaired with high quality galvanized access panels. Floors are swept and debris is removed.

If it seems like a lengthy involved process, it is!

When an air duct cleaning job is done correctly, a professional technician should spend several hours in your home or place of business. Learn the signs that your air duct needs cleaning.

Remember that there are many benefits to having your system thoroughly, professionally cleaned. Some of those benefits include: increased efficiency of your system, improved air quality in your home, a reduction to allergens and pet dander, and eradication of musty odors. Contact Master Kleen today to see why we we’ve been a trusted leader in our industry since 1984.