About Us

About Us

Master Kleen Cleaning Services was originally started in 1984 by Ron and Rita Scalzitti.

They started out with a home-based business that cleaned carpet and upholstery. Ron and Rita based the business on hard work, honesty, and customer satisfaction.

The business is now second generation owned by Mark Scalzitti. Mark was born in 1985, not long after the company was started. He was born and raised in the cleaning industry, and some might even say that cleaning is in his blood! Mark is still working hard to provide the same great service that his parents started out with all those years ago. 

Master Kleen has now grown to accommodate not only your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs, but your tile and grout, wood floor, and air duct cleaning needs as well. Make no mistake about their age; they use only state of the art cleaning equipment and safe, non-toxic cleaning agents.

Trust years of experience, give Master Kleen a call today and see for yourself why they are still working with many of their original customers. Master Kleen is still providing the same great quality, expertise, and integrity after all this time.